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Licensed Clinical Psychotherapist & Clinical Social Worker (Michigan & Wisconsin)...



Counseling and collaborative problem solving with Cognitive-Behavioral, Rational-Emotive & Family Systems theoretical frameworks for lasting changes.



MOST insurances DO cover my services (call 800# on back of your card to see if I'm IN your network)


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Hello, my name is MARK YOUNG. I'm a licensed psychotherapist and clinical social worker in Iron Mountain, MI. I have a friendly certified Therapy Dog, "Maury", and 30+ years of clinical experience to help you.
Mark Young and Maury, Therapy Dog
Please EXPLORE the website & email me if you have questions (mark@resolvingconcerns.com) 

Here's Maury again. He's a playful, affectionate yellow lab, looking forward to meeting you!
Maury the Therapy Dog


Mark Young, LMSW, LCSW


  • Fully Licensed, Professional Psychotherapy (mental health Counseling)
  • Help for Adults, Children, Teens, Families, Couples, Groups & Employees
  • Private & Highly Confidential
  • Experiencd Cognitive-Behavioral & Rational-Emotive Therapist  - highly effective for improving mood, emotions & behavior problems
  • 30+ Years Experience (and still love my job!)
  • Depression, Anxiety, Phobias, Fears, Relationships, Conflicts, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder
  • Loneliness, social isolation, conflicts or other difficulties
IN-Network Provider for BCBS & many others (see "insurance" for more info., but check your own plan's 800# to find out copay, deductible, etc.). 

  • ONLY PHYSICIANS PRESCRIBE MEDICATIONS -  I can help you understand some medications and to decide whether to ask your doctor for a medication trial. I do NOT make recommendations for stimulants (Attention-Deficit meds) or pain killers. 
  • TRICARE - sorryalmost all area providers have given up working with TriCare due to extremely disorganized, unreliable services to mental health providers.
  • COURT TESTIFYING - I offer psychotherapy, no legal assessments, custody evaluations, or testifying.
  • WORKER'S COMP - I'm not set up to work with worker's comp, and I can't provide disability assessments. I typically recommend patients seek letters from their physician or a specialist for release / excuse from work.

WELCOME to therapist,

Elyse D'Amico, LMSW
Trained in CBT and DBT, Elyse D'Amico is a licensed clinical social worker and psychotherapist also available at this location , and accepting new patients. CALL, Email, or TEXT if you'd like to discuss scheduling an appointment:

(720) 840.7598

If you are feeling SUICIDAL, consider the following options:
  • The Emergency Department at your nearest hospital. They can have a professional crisis worker paged to meet with you.
  • National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 800.273.TALK 
  • Tell your doctor, adult family members, or another adult you trust and avoid being alone.
  • Dickinson-Iron-Menominee residents, call Northpointe (24/7) 800.750.0522
  • Marinette and Florence County residents call ADAPT 715.732.7760
  • Delta, Marquette & Alger County residents, call PATHWAYS 906.225.1181