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Licensed Clinical Psychotherapist & Clinical Social Worker (Michigan & Wisconsin)...



Counseling and collaborative problem solving with Cognitive-Behavioral, Rational-Emotive & Family Systems theoretical frameworks for lasting changes.



MOST insurances DO cover my services (call 800# on back of your card to see if I'm IN your network)


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(Coeur d'Alene, Idaho - beautiful mountain town)

Hello, my name is MARK. I'm a licensed psychotherapist and clinical social worker in Iron Mountain, MI. I have 35+ years of clinical experience to help you.

I specialize in Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and (very similar) Rational-Emotive Behavior Therapy  (REBT) for treatment of depression, anxiety, anger and other unwated emotions and maladaptive behaviors. 

Mark Young and Maury, Therapy Dog
("Maury" was a much loved certified Therapy Dog who started working with me in 2007, and lived almost until 2023).

Please EXPLORE the website & email me if you have questions (mark@ this website domain) 

Uninsured? Super high deductible? See RATES link for my uninsured / under-insured program ($95 per session prepaid when scheduling, approx. 35% off full rates). 

Mark Young, LMSW, LCSW


VIRTUAL Video sessions available upon request

FACE to FACE office visit sessions: Masks optional, please let me know if you prefer that I wear one.

  • Fully Licensed, Professional Psychotherapy (mental health Counseling)
  • Help for Adults, Children, Teens, Families, Couples, Groups & Employees
  • Private & Highly Confidential
  • Cognitive-Behavioral & Rational-Emotive Therapist  - highly effective for improving mood, emotions & behavior problems
  • 35+ Years Experience (and still love my job!)
  • Depression, Anxiety, Phobias, Fears, Relationships, Conflicts, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder
  • Loneliness, social isolation, conflicts or other difficulties
IN-Network Provider for BCBS & many others (see "insurance" for more info., but check your own plan's 800# to find out copay, deductible, etc.). 

  • PRESCRIBING MEDS - only Physicians can prescribe medications in Michigan -  I can help you understand psychiatric medications and to decide whether to ask your doctor for a medication trial. I do NOT make recommendations for stimulants (Attention-Deficit meds) or pain killers. 
  • TRICARE - I've had too much difficulty in the past and it's difficult reaching provider support.
  • COURT TESTIFYING - I offer psychotherapy, no legal assessments, custody evaluations, or testifying.
  • WORKER'S COMP - I'm not set up to work with worker's comp, and I can't provide disability assessments. I typically recommend patients seek letters from their physician or a specialist for release / excuse from work.     
  • PTSD (POST TRAUMATIC STRESS DISORDER) - I do not treat PTSD if it's your primary problem; other local therapists in the provider directory DO. 

If you are feeling SUICIDAL, please consider the following options:
  • The Emergency Department at your nearest hospital. They can have a professional crisis worker paged to meet with you.
  • National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 800.273.TALK 
  • Tell your doctor, adult family members, or another adult you trust and avoid being alone.
  • Dickinson-Iron-Menominee residents, call Northpointe (24/7) 800.750.0522
  • Marinette and Florence County residents call ADAPT 715.732.7760
  • Delta, Marquette & Alger County residents, call PATHWAYS 906.225.1181
Over the past 30 years, every person I've met who made an unsuccessful suicide attempt later regretted making the attempt, and either found ways to deal with their overwhelming problem and/or found increased purpose and desire to live. Many suicidal people feel their problem / situation is un-fixable, horrible, or that the world is better off without them. They are in a deep hole, as if trapped in a deep mine shaft, they can't see ANY way out, and have lost hope that there IS any way out. You CAN GET OUT OF THAT HOLE, and the WORLD looks so different from outside, with so many possibilities. 

Maybe you've already tried psychotherapy (with a licensed professional), tried  anti-depressant medication, tried numerous self-improvement efforts... mileage varies greatly, and many times the 2nd or 3rd effort helps dramatically more: try another psychotherapist, doctor, medication, take a class, join a club, try new hobbies, seek a new job, make more social efforts... any or all of the above. If you don't find therapy helpful, TELL your therapist so s/he can modify their approach. 
Same goes for my past patients - I'll try my best to help you, but am not the least bit offended if you find another therapist whom you find more helpful. .  

tel:  906.PRO.HELP
text: 313.BHAPPY7