Clinical Social Worker/Psychotherapist Mark R. Young Inc. / Resolving Concerns

  • MAIL: P.O. Box 1012, Iron Mountain, MI 49801
  • LOCATION: 427 S. Stephenson Ave., 2nd Floor, Iron Mountain, MI 49801 (no mail please)
  • CALL or TEXT ME: (906)PRO.HELP (906.776.4357)  /  (313)242.7797
  • email mark (my email is HIPAA compliant, but yours probably can't guarantee email privacy)
  • BILLING QUESTIONS? Call the number on your insurance card... Ask if I'm in your network, and "how much of my deductible remains? What is my copay?"

When I call or text back, it will often show up as 313.242.7797  - this is the same phone, just a separate number - not a telemarketer!  smiley