New Patient / Appointment Request

1. QUICKEST  (For no insurance, hi deductible, I give large discounts) 
a. Click PAYMENTS link at top; make prepayment of $85 online (or drop off or mail-in your prepayment; additional visits are less, see RATES).
b. Call, text, or email MARK that you’ve made prepayment & need an appointment; you’ll be given the next opening that fits your schedule.
c. If you later look into your insurance and find you DO have better coverage or will soon meet your deductible, occasionally, we can still bill your insurance & refund you when visits are covered. If NOT covered, your balance will remain zero/pre-paid in full. 
    a. Call your insurance’s 800 on back of the card. Tell the rep you need your mental health benefits for treatment from Mark Young, LMSW 
       i. “What is my copay each visit? 
       ii. Have I met my annual deductible? If not, how much remains for me to pay before insurance will start to pay?
       iii. Then, if call, or text, or email & let MARK know what you found out & you’ll be given the next opening, OR...
   b. If you have a high deductible w/ much remaining, and you do not think you’ll meet it soon, go back to OPTION #1 above, and use the discounted pre-pay option.
3. HELPFUL TIPS TO SPEED THINGS UP (not required, but helpful):
   a. Email a photo of your insurance card along with:
       i. Full NAME & Date of Birth for the policy holder and patient  
       ii. YOUR address (that insurance company has on file for you)
       iii. Print out & complete the TREATMENT CONSENT FORM (under "LINKS" menu, or click below): (bring it to your first session, & if you’re able email a photo/scan of it, great!). 
Thank you!  
Mark R. Young, LMSW, LCSW