BCBS of Michigan        CIGNA Behavioral Health
Dickinson County Healthcare System
IN-NETWORK provider for:

  • Federal Blue Cross/Blue Shield (VA & Postal Service Employees)
  • CIGNA Behavioral
​Sorry, no TRICARE 
***PLEASE CALL the # on the back of your insurance card and ask:
  • What are my mental health benefits ? 
  • Can I see MARK YOUNG, LMSW for psychotherapy 
  • What is my DEDUCTIBLE? & my  COPAY each visit?
  • How much of my deductible have I met this year?

(For help verifying your coverage, call Cindy at 906.228.4703) or email her:

Most other health insurance plans DO cover my services, but CALL your insurance 800# because...
  • Many plans have HUGE deductibles, and they hold you responsible for 100% until you meet that deductible.
  • If you are don't think you'll meet this deductible, or have no coverage for counseling, see "SELF PAY" option near the bottom here.
  • Many health plans require prior authorization, or only cover providers in their network. Sometimes you can get an exception if you ask for a supervisor & insist, "need you to offer me a provider with IN network rates. If you don't have one, will you do a one-time contract with MARK YOUNG..."  This is called a "single case agreement", and supervisors DO have the authority to arrange this for you.
Note: Some plans say they don't cover "marriage counseling", but almost always cover when I bill as "family therapy".

       Some employers offer FREE EAP counseling employees and Family Members. EAP programs usually have an 800 number (check backside of insurance card. These usually allow 3 to 6 visits at no charge to you). FedEx, VERSO, DCHS, and some other companies have usually offered several or more free visits to employees; your H.R. department can tell you if there is a plan available.

Just call the EAP # (no info. is shared with employers), and they give you an authorization number to bring to counseling. If you need additional counseling, you can still utilize your health insurace benefits.

NO  TRICARE accepted
Sorry, this is due mostly to repeatedly rejected claims, poor provider services, and to lesser extent, low rates. 
If you find your insurance policy does NOT cover, consider the following:
  1. SELF-PAY / PRE-PAY discount (30-50% off if you pay at time of visit) for uninsured or under-insured / limited coverage, or very high deductibles.
  2. Write your HR / person in charge of purchasing insurance for employees (whether signed or anonymous) and explain the poor coverage for mental health needs, and how it is affecting you.  Urge them to purchase healthcare coverage for employees that INCLUDES good mental health coverage. Many times they aren't aware of the poor coverage (ex., many employers provide a BCBS plan that only covers clinics w/ doctors on-site to sign charts, resulting in much fewer options, since most providers, like me, possess a Masters degree.
  3. Call your INSURANCE and ask for a SUPERVISOR; ask for a "Single Case Agreement" to allow you to see me as if IN-NETWORK. 
  4. Write  CONGRESS or State REPs & complain.
  5. Catholic Social Services (906)774-3323 offers a sliding fee scale.
  6. Northpointe (906)774-0522 offers 24/7 emergency coverage for our community (Dickinson-Iron-Menominee counties); ADAPT covers MARINETTE County similarly. When in doubt, dial 911 for any emergency.
  7. VOLUNTEER in the community... If you really want to see ME and can't even afford the discounted rate, I make some additional discount concessions for persons doing extensive volunteer work. I believe in "Pay it Forward"!    :-)
-- Mark
teL: 906.PRO.HELP  (906.776.4357)
text: 313.BHAPPY7  (313.242.7797)