Discount for Uninsured / Under-insured w/ High Deductibles

Kaiser Family Foundation - Rising Health Insurance Deductibles

Finances tight? Lousy Insurance? High Deductible? 

Are struggling financially and don't have an insurance plan that covers my services in-network ?

Do you have a high deductible that you don't think you'll meet this year?

As you can see from Kaiser Family Foundation's chart above, insurance deductibles have been skyrocketing many times faster than wages increase, making many of our policies today, merely "catastrophic coverage" for unexpected surgeries or severe accidents. 

My own costly BCBS policy has an $8100 deductible, and consequently, I've my health insurance has not covered ANY of my own medical procedures (other than prevention services) for over ten years. 

Whether you have NO insurance, insurance that only covers very few providers, or a 'catastrophic' policy like mine, I offer a large discount for those in need. Due to health insurance regulations (and the greater risk of no-shows and late cancellation with this population) pre-payment is required before an appointment slot is confirmed.

This prepayment makes it legal for me to charge you much less than the amount typically billed to other individuals and insurance, without you having to prove your need (supplying W2, tax returns, etc.). 

Though you can decide any time to have future visits billed to your insurance, be aware that by choosing this option, your services are NOT submitted to insurance. You are still usually able to utilize an HSA plan for self-paid visits (check with your plan to be sure). 

See RATES for details


**NOTE: discounted pre-paid sessions are not billled to insurance and are non-refundable unless canceled 48 hours  in advance (by phone or text) excluding holidays and weekends.  A partial refund or credit might
be given if you cancel at least 24 hours in advance.  


*add'l disc. for  community volunteers  w/limited income