I've always promoted people developing HOBBIES, MEANINGFUL ACTIVITIES and FRIENDSHIPS, all of which I believe are invaluable in so many ways, and one leads to the other. I have great friends I've met through my hobbies, and some great hobbies I've taken on after learning about and experiencing the hobbies of my friends. My oldest lifelong friend played halfway decent guitar for a 16 y.o., and I took fairly decent photos at that time for our school newspaper, yearbook and my own hobby. Over the years, he hardly picked up his guitar, but became a great photographer as a side job to being a professional registered nurse. I sold my darkroom and guitar, music & performing became the biggest hobby and passion of my life. 

My friend Mark from Chicago got me into whitewater canoeing. My friend Tom from Poynette got me into backpacking and rock climbing. While trying wallyball (volleyball played on a racquetball court, using the walls extensively) when I first moved to Michigan, I met three friends I'm still close to 30 years later. One of those, my friend Rick, I got into rock climbing and whitewater canoeing. I've met countless people through my guitar/music, including my pottery instructor/friend, Tim, whom I introduced  (along with over a half dozen other friends) to homebrewing, as he helped me improve my pottery techniques. 

(sample; many more to come if I find time to upload)
A fingerjointed applewood box for my friends Rick & Donna